A Different Lens

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Month: May, 2014

Participatory Pedagogy with Aria Chernik


Today we interview Duke University Lecturing Fellow Aria Chernik about her article in the open access journal Hybrid Pedagogy entitled “The Phenomenology of Participation: Derrida and the future of Pedagogy,” in which we discuss participatory pedagogy, how it changes the old student-teacher relationship, and how people can begin to pursue such an education structure in their own lives and schools.


The episode can be downloaded here.


Social Engineering and Social Control with Andrew Gavin Marshall


Today we discuss what social engineering and social control are with our Geopolitics Chair, Andrew Gavin Marshall. We talk about everything from definitions to who and what foundations were behind this agenda of social control, and finish with discussing how certain groups were targeted.


The episode can be downloaded here.

Manual Labor and Nature Religions with Joseph M. Kramp


Today we sit down with writer, researcher, academic, and manual laborer Joseph M. Kramp to discuss manual labor and society’s view of those who engage in it. We also discuss his article entitled “Call of the Wild: The Negative Tendency in the Nature Religions of American Youth,” that was published in 2013 in the Journal of Religious Health.


The file can be downloaded here.