A Different Lens

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Month: September, 2014

The Origins of Israel and Palestine with Jeremy R. Hammond


Today we sit down with independent writer and researcher Jeremy R. Hammond about the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict that he covers in his upcoming book.


The show can be downloaded here.


Intimate Partner Violence with Chenelle A. Jones


Today we sit down with Chenelle A. Jones and discuss her most recent article about the Ray Rice abuse incident and intimate partner violence more generally. The article is entitled “Adding Insult to Injury: Intimate Partner Violence, Victim Blaming, and its Deleterious Effects on Women.”

The show can be downloaded here.

Economics with Paul Craig Roberts


Today we sit with Paul Craig Roberts and discuss economics, both domestic and international, from how the inflation rate is being manipulated to what impact the BRICS development bank will have.

The show can be downloaded here.

Israel, Palestine, and the Media with Rania Khalek


Today we sit down with independent journalist Rania Khalek to discuss how the media deals with the Israel-Palestine conflict and how we can amplify Palestinian voices.


The audio can be downloaded here.