A Different Lens

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Anarchy In Korea!


Today we interview South Korean anarchist ‘Tom,’ to discuss the history of anarchism in South Korea and the current political situation in Korea generally and as it relates to anarchists.

The episode can be downloaded here.

Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran with Philip Giraldi

Today we sit down with writer and former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi to discuss the regional politics regarding the Syria situation, as well as the recent Saudi Arabia-Iran diplomatic spat.

The show  can be downloaded here.

Surplus Capital and Electoral Politics with Stephanie McMillan and Sarah Cruz

Today I talk to Stephanie McMillan, an author and cartoonist, who we have had previously on the program to discuss her book Why Capitalism Must Die, to discuss an article she wrote for Skewednews.Net entitled “What Is Surplus Value and Why Should Anti-Capitalists Care?”

We also have on Sarah Cruz of the organization One Struggle [Onestruggle.net], where she co-wrote an article, along with Jorge Quintana and Matthew Daiagi, entitled “A Few Points on Electoral Politics.”

The show can be downloaded here.

What Is Socialism with Nick Partyka

Today we talk with Labor Issues Chair Nicholas Partyka about socialism, its meaning and history, and how the word and its meaning has changed over time in relation to US liberals and the Bernie Sanders.

The show can be downloaded here.

Fascist Organizing, Infiltration, and Antifa with Shane Burley

Today we talk with writer Shane Burley about his article entitled “How Fascist Organizations Inspire Mass Violence,” where we discuss fascist organizing, how fascists are infiltrating academia and leftist spaces, and how people can fight back against fascism in their own communities.

The show can be downloaded here.

Trans Pacific Partnership with Devon Douglas-Bowers

In light of the recent news regarding the TPP, today we are rebroadcasting a podcast show done last year where Urban Issues Chair Sean Posey interviewed Politics/Government Department Chair Devon Douglas-Bowers on his article “The Coming Calamity, The Coming Resistance,” where he discuss the TPP, TPPI, and TISA trade deals and puts them in the larger context of military contingency planning for the nation and increased police militarization.

The show can be downloaded here.

Syria, NGOs, and the Endgame with Eva Barlett

Today we sit down with independent journalist Eva Barlett to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria, the regional players, how NGOs are being used to further certain agendas, and the endgame for Syria. Her blog is http://www.ingaza.wordpress.com.

The show can be downloaded here.

The Founding of Global Research with Michel Chossudovsky

This is a re-broadcasting of a 2011 interview with Global Research founder  Michel Chossudovsky, where we discuss the founding of Global Research, alternative media, and touch on alternatives to capitalism at the end.

The audio can be downloaded here.

Convict Leasing with Devon Douglas-Bowers

Today Hampton Advisory Board Member Syard Evans interviews Politics/Government Dept. Chair Devon Douglas-Bowers about convict leasing, how slavery is still legal in the US, and how it connects to today’s prison system.

The show can be downloaded here.

Bernie Sanders, #BlackLivesMatter, and Progressive Racism with Mark Provost

Today we interview online journalist and activist Mark Provost about the recent interruption of Bernie Sanders’ speech in Seattle by Black Lives Matter protesters and how that has bought out large amount of condemnation and racism on the progressive left and discuss more in-depth the problems with not only many Sanders supporters but racial problems on the left more generally.


The audio can be downloaded here.