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Stalin and the Authoritarian Left with Nick Partyka


Today we sit down and chat with Hampton Labor Issues Chair Nicholas Partyka and discuss the who Joseph Stalin was and his actions, as well as delving into authoritarian leftism and the conflict it has with libertarian leftists.
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Technocracy With Andrew Gavin Marshall


Today, in a re-broadcast of an interview I did in 2012, we sit down with Geopolitics Chair Andrew Gavin Marshall to discuss the then-technocratic governments in Greece and Italy as well as the rise of the scientific dictatorship, something laid out more thoroughly in Andrew’s article entitled “New Eugenics and the Rise of the Scientific Dictatorship.”

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New Eugenics and the Rise of the Scientific Dictatorship

Unions, Now and Then with Dan Welch and Gregory Lucero

We chat with indie political analyst Dan Welch and union worker Gregory Lucero to discuss the current state of unions today, unions historically, and if anything can be done in the present to aid the union fight.

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Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31

Supreme Court takes case posing a threat to unions

NATO’s War Famines with Mnar Muhawesh


We chat with Mint Press News founder Mnar Muhawesh to discuss her article “NATO’s ‘War on Terror’ Leaves Famine, Disease In Its Wake in Africa.” In the interview we focus on three main countries: Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, with all of the countries having had famines or disease outbreaks due to Western intervention.

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NATO’s ‘War On Terror’ Leave Famine, Disease In Its Wake In Africa by Mnar Muhawesh

Mint Press News

Mnar Muhawesh Twitter

Mint Press News Twitter

North Korea with Derek Ford

We sit down with Hampton member Derek Ford to discuss his recent trip to North Korea, discussing everything from the North Korean economy to NK-US and NK-China relations, end with the question of if their could possibly be a normalization of relations between the US and North Korea.

The interview can be downloaded here.

Anarchy In Korea!


Today we interview South Korean anarchist ‘Tom,’ to discuss the history of anarchism in South Korea and the current political situation in Korea generally and as it relates to anarchists.

The episode can be downloaded here.

Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran with Philip Giraldi


Today we sit down with writer and former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi to discuss the regional politics regarding the Syria situation, as well as the recent Saudi Arabia-Iran diplomatic spat.

The show  can be downloaded here.

What Is Socialism with Nick Partyka


Today we talk with Labor Issues Chair Nicholas Partyka about socialism, its meaning and history, and how the word and its meaning has changed over time in relation to US liberals and the Bernie Sanders.

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Fascist Organizing, Infiltration, and Antifa with Shane Burley


Today we talk with writer Shane Burley about his article entitled “How Fascist Organizations Inspire Mass Violence,” where we discuss fascist organizing, how fascists are infiltrating academia and leftist spaces, and how people can fight back against fascism in their own communities.

The show can be downloaded here.

Convict Leasing with Devon Douglas-Bowers


Today Hampton Advisory Board Member Syard Evans interviews Politics/Government Dept. Chair Devon Douglas-Bowers about convict leasing, how slavery is still legal in the US, and how it connects to today’s prison system.

The show can be downloaded here.