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Talking Libertariansm and Arming The Homeless with Brian Ellison

Today we talk to Brian Ellison, who is running on the Libertarian Party ticket for the US Senate in Michigan and discuss politics as well as his arming the homeless campaign. Please note, this is not an endorsement of any type.


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School Shootings: A Teacher’s Perspective

Today we talk to two school teachers, Sara and Marci, to discuss school shootings and the larger problems surrounding this situation.

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Capitalism, Drugs, and Child Protective Services


Today we talk with Pat L. a worker in New York state’s child protective services. In the interview we talk about his job, what it is exactly he does, and link it to larger problems such as capitalism, intergenerational poverty, and the opioid epidemic.

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Jerusalem, The New Capital?


Today we talk to independent political analyst Dan Welch about President Trump’s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the larger regional affects of this as well as what will occur domestically.


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The Fight For Net Neutrality


With the FFC’s vote on net neutrality being on December 14, 2017, we sit down to talk with a number of people on the issue: activist Antoinette Miles, IT consultant Evan Hiley, US Army Lieutenant Bryan Gordon, and Benjamin Davis.


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Universal Basic Income with Ellen Brown


Ellen Brown chats with us and discusses the benefits of a universal basic income and how it can be achieved without inflation or taxes.

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Ellen Brown- About

How to Fund UBI Without Increasing Taxes or Inflation


Unions, Now and Then with Dan Welch and Gregory Lucero

We chat with indie political analyst Dan Welch and union worker Gregory Lucero to discuss the current state of unions today, unions historically, and if anything can be done in the present to aid the union fight.

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Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31

Supreme Court takes case posing a threat to unions

NATO’s War Famines with Mnar Muhawesh


We chat with Mint Press News founder Mnar Muhawesh to discuss her article “NATO’s ‘War on Terror’ Leaves Famine, Disease In Its Wake in Africa.” In the interview we focus on three main countries: Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, with all of the countries having had famines or disease outbreaks due to Western intervention.

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NATO’s ‘War On Terror’ Leave Famine, Disease In Its Wake In Africa by Mnar Muhawesh

Mint Press News

Mnar Muhawesh Twitter

Mint Press News Twitter

The Language of Corporate America with Jesse Hamilton


We sit down with writer Jesse Hamilton to discuss his recent Hampton Insitute article entitled “Citizenry, Inc.: The Ambiguous, Euphemistic Language of Corporate America and its Impact on Democracy.” In this discussion, we talk about ambiguous, unclear language and how it is used not only in the corporate and political worlds, but also in the general culture.

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Academic Betrayal with Lars Jørgensen


A discussion with sociologist Lars Jørgensen to discuss how the intellectuals and academics have betrayed the public with their refusal, either explict or tacit, to tell the truth about American foreign policy and the reasons the US goes to war.


The show can be downloaded here.



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