A Different Lens

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Month: August, 2014

Race, History and Ferguson with Jason Williams

Today we sit down with Criminal Justice chair Jason Williams and discuss the ongoing situation in Ferguson, as well as the larger aspects of how it relates to race, history, and the media.


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The Caveats of Ferguson and the Murder of Michael Brown


The Real Reason Behind Israel’s Op. Protective Edge with Andrew Gavin Marshall

Today we sit down with Geopolitics Chair Andrew Gavin Marshall to discuss to context of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, the real reasons behind it, the Palestinian resistance, and the dangers of Israel turning into a fascist state.


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Unpacking the Language of Conspiracy with James Tracy

Today we talk with James Tracy of http://www.memoryholeblog.com about the language of conspiracy theories and why the public seems to believe the conspiracies of the government.




Memory Hole Blog


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Talking Feminism with Kelly Ann Gonzales

Today we sit down with Kelly Ann Gonzales, founder of Alpha Female Society, to discuss her website and feminism more generally.







Alpha Female Society


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Failure of the Futurists with Sean Posey

Today we discuss an article Urban Issues chair Sean Posey wrote last month entitled “Failure of the Futurists: Picturing the Cities of Tomorrow.


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