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Questioning Tolerance with Bryant William Sculos


We chat with Hampton contributor and academic Bryant William Sculos about this recent article entitled “The Dialectic of Tolerance” on the Hampton website. We talk about the idea of free speech, how it applies to Neo-Nazis, the government, and the power of language.

The show can be downloaded here.


The Dialectic of Tolerance


North Korea with Derek Ford

We sit down with Hampton member Derek Ford to discuss his recent trip to North Korea, discussing everything from the North Korean economy to NK-US and NK-China relations, end with the question of if their could possibly be a normalization of relations between the US and North Korea.

The interview can be downloaded here.

Social Justice with Mimi Soltysik


Today we talk to Mimi Soltysik regarding social justice activism and some of the problems within, everything from the problems of call out culture to the difficulties of academic language.


The show can be downloaded here.



2016 Elections with Mimi Soltysik

An Interview with Will Hazlitt

Guest host AJ reed talks with Will Hazlitt, one of the press officers from the North America Animal Liberation Press Office.  Hazlitt is also a journalist with R9 Media and co-hosts a podcast show called RUF Rebel Radio.

An Interview with Daryle Lamont Jenkins

In this episode, guest host AJ Reed interviews the Founder of One Peoples Project, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, where we talk about the current white supremacist culture in the United States, and how activist can combat the Alt-Right.

The Question of Middle Class with Nick Partyka

Today we sit down with Labor Chair Nick Partyka to discuss an article he wrote in March entitled “On The Meaning of ‘Middle Class’ and the State of the Middle Class.” In the article, he explores the idea of the meaning middle class throughout Western and US history.

Happy May Day.

The show can be downloaded here.

Alternative Media with Jake Faunce

Today we sit down with radio host Jake Faunce and discuss the current situation alternative media finds itself in.

The show can be downloaded here.

Social Engineering and Social Control with Andrew Gavin Marshall


Today we discuss what social engineering and social control are with our Geopolitics Chair, Andrew Gavin Marshall. We talk about everything from definitions to who and what foundations were behind this agenda of social control, and finish with discussing how certain groups were targeted.


The episode can be downloaded here.

The Revolution Will Be Animated

Today we sit down and talk with illustrator and activist Stephanie McMillan to discuss art, revolution, and the role that illustrations and other forms of art can be used to encourage and inspire revolutionary activity.


The show can be downloaded here.



Stephanie McMillan

The Political Language of Torture with Devon Douglas-Bowers


In this bonus episode of A Different Lens, Society and Culture Chair Syard Evans sits down with Politics/Government Chair Devon Douglas-Bowers to discuss his article on political language and torture, entitled “The Political Language of Torture.”


The show can be downloaded here.



The Political Language of Torture