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Tag: Race

On Charlottesville


Today we sit down with a number of people to discuss their views on what occurred in Charlottesville.

The show can be downloaded here.

Fascist Organizing, Infiltration, and Antifa with Shane Burley


Today we talk with writer Shane Burley about his article entitled “How Fascist Organizations Inspire Mass Violence,” where we discuss fascist organizing, how fascists are infiltrating academia and leftist spaces, and how people can fight back against fascism in their own communities.

The show can be downloaded here.


Bernie Sanders, #BlackLivesMatter, and Progressive Racism with Mark Provost


Today we interview online journalist and activist Mark Provost about the recent interruption of Bernie Sanders’ speech in Seattle by Black Lives Matter protesters and how that has bought out large amount of condemnation and racism on the progressive left and discuss more in-depth the problems with not only many Sanders supporters but racial problems on the left more generally.


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#WeWantToGoHome with Brenda Pearson


Today we interview Brenda Pearson on her campaign We Want To Go Home and discuss the reasoning behind African-Americans moving from the US to Africa and how that can be made into a reality.

The audio can be downloaded here.

The ‘Positive Thinking’ Ploy with Chloe Anne King


Today we interview New Zealand-based activist and blogger Chloe Anne King about her most recent article entitled “Positive Attitude’ Bullshit: On the dangers of ‘radical self-love,’ where we discuss the problems with positive thinking gurus and how it connects to neo-liberalism.

The audio can be downloaded here.



Unmasking Israel with Gideon Levy


On May 21st we sat down with Israeli journalist Gideon Levy to discuss the ongoing problem of racism in Israeli society, US-Israeli relations, and how groups in Israel are fighting back against the tide of hate.

The audio can be downloaded here.

Liberation Theology with Michael Deschamps


Today we interview Hampton contributor Michael Deschamps regarding liberation theology.

The audio can be downloaded here.

Race, History and Ferguson with Jason Williams


Today we sit down with Criminal Justice chair Jason Williams and discuss the ongoing situation in Ferguson, as well as the larger aspects of how it relates to race, history, and the media.


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The Caveats of Ferguson and the Murder of Michael Brown

Social Engineering and Social Control with Andrew Gavin Marshall


Today we discuss what social engineering and social control are with our Geopolitics Chair, Andrew Gavin Marshall. We talk about everything from definitions to who and what foundations were behind this agenda of social control, and finish with discussing how certain groups were targeted.


The episode can be downloaded here.

Founding of the Hampton Institute and Militarism with Colin Jenkins


Today, we sit down with Hampton Institute Founder and Social Economics Chair Colin Jenkins to discuss why the Hampton Institute was founded and why it is needed. We also discuss his latest article entitled “Coming Home to Roost: American Militarism, War, and Police Brutality,” in which we talk about the lack of empathy in our society, how and why poor and lower-middle class peoples often are the ones who join the police and military, and finally end with ways in which people can help end American militarism.


The show can be downloaded here.



Coming Home to Roost: American Militarism, War, and Police Brutality